Saturday, 27 October 2012

It starts... Well started.

Well, I finally have it. I finally have the time to sit down and write something on this thing. I've been in Korea for about two months now, and I'm finally starting to settle in. The Korean signs don't look Korean any more. They're starting to look like home.

My apartment is pretty nice. I mean, yeah, it needs a bit of fixin', but nothing major. I like that my washing machine is directly underneath my stove. It's like living in a game of never-ending Tetris.
The view is quite nice, though I'm only on the sixth floor.

 The view from my apartment. Buildings, buildings everywhere!!
 The traffic outside my apartment that never stops. It's like this all the time.
 My apartment. It goes up about 18 floors, and has a very convenient 7-11 right underneath.

The view from my roof! It's amazing how many lights there are. I've never seen so many apartment buildings in one place. Everything here is stacked; for instance, if you go to the Lotte Mart (The Korean equivalent of Wal-Mart), you have to go up to the different floors to get to the different departments. A lot of the escalators, which are flat so that you can take carts on them, only go in one direction, so you're constantly looking for the right one.

It's been a real adventure so far! More updates to come, with 20% more wit!

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